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Take a Design Tour of Valcucine with Architectours.it

A tour inside the headquarters, where the interior, just as much as the exterior, embraces Valcucine’s design philosophy

 Valcucine is synonoymous with wellbeing, innovation and being timeless. Since its beginnings, each collection has been designed with people, resulting in systems that contribute to the wellness and needs of the user. The company has earned a reputation for its dedication to improving the ergonomics and the use of space. But what has really set Valcucine apart from its competitors is its commitment towards manufacturing in a way that is environmentally responsible.

Valcucine’s HQ is enveloped in a chameleonic skin of shimmering, reflective plates that alter with the light,continuously interacting with environment

This has led to the Logica System, which was created in the 90s. The innovative and ergonomic design features an equipped back section, jumbo drawers, and wall units with lift-up doors that make it easier to work within the cooking space because everything is within hand’s reach. The special New Logica System and Air Logica System units were developed as evolved versions of the equipped back section and the wall unit components, and blend aesthetics with functionality; containing and concealing, when necessary, all equipment required in the kitchen. To further contribute to the daily comfort of consumers, Valcucine has also conceived specific details such as luminous panels, which when fitted in special units, provide the kitchen with a more airy appeal.

Valcucine’s creative workshop where customized kitchen artwork takes shape

All of this technical and artistic creativity takes place at the company’s headquarters in Pordenone ¾ a space that in of itself encompasses everything that Valcucine consistently seeks to integrate into its kitchen systems. The campus binds form and substance, exterior and interior design, resulting in a seamless environment that promotes well-being and respects nature. Conceived by the company’s founder and designer Gabriele Centazzo, a singular building that functions as an office space, is complemented by an industrial complex where production takes place. It is enveloped in special plates that have a shimmering, mirror effect and that alter their color with the light ¾ a chameleon of a structure continuously interacting with its environment, as its skin changes from purple to blue, from green to black. It is a place where ideas are inspired by nature, constantly evolving in perfect reciprocity.

Corridors feel like art galleries, animated by small sculptures and colourful paintings

Architectours.it will take you inside the headquarters, where the interior, just as much as the exterior, embraces Valcucine’s design philosophy and concepts which embodies freedom, lightness, momentum, and flight. It is here where you will get a first-hand look at the research and technologies put into producing smart kitchens that are extremely high performing, yet have a low environmental impact. While touring Valcucine, you will witness how the brand has re-envisioned the kitchen space, and the components that define it, and see just how material, form, and function go hand-in-hand. A visit to Valcucine will bring insight of how, to this day, Italian brands continue to design with purpose and integrity.

Inside the manufacturing facilities, great care and precision is taken to ensure the highest standards

Architectours aims at helping architects and interior designers discover places, artifacts, and brands with visits to major museums, corporate archives, showrooms, company headquarters, factories, and architectural sites. Our design tours are a great opportunity for meeting and networking with design protagonists, while getting a backstage look at industry. We connect architects and interior designers with all aspects of Italy’s design scene.

Fontana Art & Design Ltd and proud to be UK Agents for Valcucine and we can arrange factory tours or a visit to London based Valcucine Showroom. Please contact your agents Michael or Dennis to discuss further.