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Vetrospettiva: Valcucine’s creative gesture

A new installation dedicated to glass at Showroom in Corso Garibaldi during Fuorisalone

At the Fuorisalone 2017, Valcucine will be celebrating 30 years of glass on kitchen cabinets. An important achievement that the company is celebrating by heightening the qualities of one of the most fascinating and ecological materials ever invented by man.

Ever seeking innovative solutions, in 1987 Valcucine introduced the use of glass based on a revolutionary intuition in terms of functionality and aesthetics: that a pure “vitreous mass” could be supported by a concealed, aluminium frame, and nothing else. This innovative idea lead to an endless number of solutions and combinations that have achieved their highest expression in the Genius Loci and Artematic collections.

Pure and precious, glass conveys an endless array of sensations. Gloss glass amplifies spaces, matt glass has a soft and refined appeal, tactile glass boasts designs that ‘vibrate’ at the touch of a hand while textile glass simulates the soft appeal of fabrics. In addition to having remarkable aesthetic features, glass guarantees excellent stain, limescale and humidity resistance, is hygienic and easy to clean. Valcucine was also the first company to use water-based coatings on the protected parts of worktops and doors to offer the ultimate in worktop non-toxicity and durable colourfastness.

Valcucine’s glass is tempered and tested and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Showroom in Corso Garibaldi (Milan) will showcase a new installation dedicated to glass, i.e. a really spectacular setting in which tradition and innovation meet in a space where conviviality is made over.

Graphic Vitrum: a new way of customising the kitchen
Glass is an ongoing source of inspiration for Valcucine, which is why the company is presenting Graphic Vitrum, a special, digital printing technology on glass that delivers a topquality product whose appearance, intensity and colour don’t change over time. The company has created and developed eight different textures, all inspired by nature and in keeping with Valcucine’s philosophy: dry stone wall, tatami, beyond the fence, natural hexagons, butterfly wings, leaves, waves on sand, crystals. Each graphic design is available in four colours – cloud white, fire grey, warm black, bronze – on two glass surfaced – polished and etched – for a total of 64 options. Graphic Vitrum increases the possibility of customising surfaces and contributes to making inimitable, unique kitchens.

Preview: the contrasting volumes of the new Artematica arrangement in stone
A new Artematica arrangement inspired by the charm of old stone fountains will be presented for the very first time. A distinctive feature of the new kitchen is the large sink made from a block of hollowed out stone. The tap is installed in a bridging framework above the sink making the water look as if it is flowing out of a suspended fountain: a stylistic choice that gives the kitchen a really light and airy appeal. The shape of this kitchen and the way it is fashioned brings the refined alternation of full and empty spaces to the fore, defined by the solidity of matter and by the suspended tap which together create a charming arrangement with striking aesthetics.

4 | 9 April 2017
Valcucine Brera Milan Showroom
Corso Garibaldi 99, Milan, Italy